Las Vegas: Cafe Berlin

Stephen told me that his family is German. Very German.  When I first heard that, I expected his family to come out in lederhosen and dirndls. OK, OK, They’re not “that” traditional, but they are from Germany, and they know what the Old Country food should taste like.

The cafe is located behind a Popeye’s and Arco gas station. We stopped by on the Tuesday after Memorial Day for lunch.  The last time we had “German” food in Vegas was at the touristy Hofbrauhaus, and we were disappointed.  I am pleased to say that this visit to Cafe Berlin was 100% better.

When you walk in, the place isn’t fancy. It’s a simple cafe, with German products, iconic pictures and quirky decor on the ceiling and wall.  What it lacked in decor, the place makes up with good food.

I had the Jaeger schnitzel, while Stephen had the Rahm schitzel, both served with spaetzle, a dumpling type pasta.  Stephen’s mom had the Rouladen, served with red cabbage and bread dumpling.

The food is made to order, and you can hear the cook pounding the pork to make the schnitzel. When the food arrived, few words were spoken while we ate, and the words spoken were “here, try some of mine”.

The Schnitzel was delicious.  Perfectly fried outside, and covered in delicious gravy.  The big hit was the Rouladen.  The Rouladen is a beef roll (think flank steak) with bacon, onions and pickles, then rolled, cooked, and covered in gravy.  This was served with a dumpling about the size of a tennis ball, and a serving of warm red cabbage.  This was a real traditional German meal.  Yes, very German.

Our German adventure didn’t end here, as mom ordered the apple strudel and Stephen had the German Chocolate Cherry cake.  Both desserts were not overly sweet, Between the 2 desserts, I did prefer the strudel more. The warm apple and flaky pastry crust, dipped in the vanilla sauce was so good.

Lunch for 3, along with 2 sodas, 2 beers, coffee, and dessert came to $80-something. Perhaps a little pricey since we splurged, but it was probably the highlight of our Vegas jaunt. Mom liked it, and that’s the biggest critic to impress.

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