Yuma, AZ: Cracker Barrel run from CA

Food Trip Road trip!!  According to the GPS, this location is the closest to Orange County.  The new Las Vegas one would be closer, but I still have to wait a month or so (won’t be ready until July 2016) for it to open.

I was hankering for some Cracker Barrel, and decided to drive out from Orange County (Anaheim, to be exact) and get some lunch. Sure, it’s about a 4 hour drive, but what do I have to do on a lazy Sunday?  So I piled Karen and Stephen in my jeep, and headed out to Yuma, Arizona, by ways of the 5 south, back ways of San Diego County to Imperial County to the Arizona border.

We crossed the Arizona border just before 1:00, and made our way to the Cracker Barrel.  The inside looked like any other Cracker Barrel.  We waited 15 minutes for our table, waited a bit longer for our waitress (I actually thought she forgot about us!).

I ordered the Sunday chicken with the popular Hash Brown Casserole, which are potatoes covered in cheese and cream then baked, along with their fried apples, while Karen had the bbq chicken, daily vegetables, and also the fried apples.  Stephen had the fried catfish, mac n cheese, turnips, and yes, the fried apples.

Stephen and Karen liked their food.  My chicken was just ok.  It was juicy and tender, but overly breaded.  I had it before in Phoenix, and didn’t recall it being so thick in batter. Our food also came with corn bread or biscuits (which I had both) and be sure to ask for the apple butter (free, but must ask).  Overall, a tasty, comforting southern lunch… but a long drive back to Cali!

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