Garden Grove, CA: KoKo Chicken & BBQ

I’ve been on the hunt for fried chicken across SoCal. In the past few months, I’ve gone to places like Pann’s and Honey’s Kettle in LA, to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffle to SoCal Wings in Westminster and today it’s Korean fried chicken at KoKo Chicken and BBQ in Garden Grove.

Korean fried chicken can be a bit pricier than “American” fried chicken. Unlike American wing places where they have dozen of sauces, KoKo has just a few like like Soy Garlic or Spicy sauce, and its supposedly brushed on, not tossed in a bowl.

My coworker and I came here for lunch. At first I was set on getting their lunch special (about $10.99) but the portion looked so small for what you get. Some choices were 5 chicken pieces, or 2 actual pieces of chicken (like drumsticks) with a scoop of rice, salad and 2 gyozas.

We decided instead to spend a little bit more and split a 1/2 order of the KoKo fried chicken, which was a leg, wing, thigh, and a half breast split again in half, along with a 12 piece order of their Soy Garlic wings. The chicken is made to order, so it takes about 20 minutes. While waiting, they’ll give you a cabbage salad (think cole slaw just not mixed) and pickled radishes to snack on.

The KoKo original chicken came out first, and it was piping hot! The chicken came with a side of 2 dipping sauces, some sort of spicy sauce, and a sweeter chili sauce. The chicken was crunchy outside, but juicy and delicious. Thumbs up!

As we were down to the last piece of KoKo, the wings came out. We were pretty full and attempted to tackle the Soy Garlic wings. The wings were very tasty, not too garlicky and just a tad sweet. Not sweet like teriyaki, but definitely not a savory sauce. The wings were not small and we ended up taking 7 of the 12 wings back to work.

Our server never checked up on us, nor offered a refill on my diet coke. Otherwise, aside for the so-so service, this place was great for lunch. Since it was made to order, we ended up taking a much longer hour lunch than anticipated, and got back to work 1/2 hour later.

KoKo has another location in Fullerton/ Buena Park off Commonwealth and Beach. Unlike this location, which is very dark, the other location is open and full of natural lighting. With tax our total for the chicken and 1 diet coke was $26.99, which was a much better deal than the lunch special. Thumbs up to their food, but not to the service.

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