#RIP Clyde.

018Being a pet owner has its rewards.  If you are lucky, your pet will give you years of unconditional love.  Many pet owners call their pets their Fur-Kids, their Fur Babies, or simply their “babies”.  My cat, Clyde was no different.

He was born in my Anaheim house. Literally.  His mama, Athena, jumped my fence and my then dogs, Holly and Coco chased her around the patio.  My ex-husband scooped up Athena and brought her in the house.  We knew nothing about cats, but she was such a pretty cat, and a tiny cat… we decided to keep her.  We took her to a vet who told her she was pregnant.  We kept her in our guest bathroom, behind a baby gate.  One day we came home and she had her litter.  We kept 1 of the kittens and named him Daniel. The rest we found homes for.

We were about to fix Athena when she escaped and then came back, knocked up again.  We took that floozy in and she gave birth to another litter, where we kept Clyde, and found homes for the rest of the litter… and this time we fixed her, and found her a home, too.

That was roughly back in 1995-96.  I forgot the exact date, and I really should know it.  I never thought I’d have Daniel and Clyde for so long.  In 2012, I had to put down Daniel, my first born.  I knew one day I would have to do the same for Clyde.

On Friday, that fateful day arrived. I came home after watching a movie with Karen, only to find Clyde half holding onto the edge of the sofa. I thought he was already dead!  I picked him up, and he was barely moving, barely meowing.  I cradled him in my arms, crying.  I stroked the nape of his neck, and that seemed to bring him some comfort.  He had shallow breathing, and I knew I had to take him to the emergency vet.

At 10:00 that night, after cradling him for about half an hour, I took him in.  Cost wasn’t a factor. I could not let him suffer.  My cat that I’ve had for almost half of my life was gone.

I’ve gone though 4 pets now.  It never gets easier to put down a pet, especially one that’s been in my life for 20 years.  Each pet had their own unique quality.  I’ll miss you, Clyde.