Westwood: Saffron and Rose Ice Cream

After a garlicky seafood dinner at the Boiling Crab at the Westwood Village, we stopped here to cleanse our palate with some Persian ice cream. This place is minutes from the Village off Westwood Boulevard, and parking can be tough. After circling the area to find parking, we found a 15 minute meter spot (cost a quarter) and made our way to this little shop.

Persian ice cream is simply refreshing. However, if it is your first time, you will either like it or you won’t. Persian ice cream uses ingredients not found in so called commercial ice cream, like saffron, rose water, cucumber, lavender, and so on. Some may say its like eating perfume, and I would not disagree.  This place does offer non traditional Persian flavors like chocolate and mint chip, but why would you spend $4.50 on ordinary ice cream?

Stephen found his instant favorite: NUTELLA ICE CREAM, and we tried a sample. It was good. This is coming from me, a non Nutella fan. There was just too many choices! The girl let me sample a bunch, and even had me taste her personal favorites. We ended up taking home 2 pints: the saffron with pistachios, a nutella, and a small, 2 scoop of the pomegranate… which set us back $18.50.

If you’re not a fan of circling for parking, they do sell this at the Persian market. I am from Orange County and can find this at Wholesome Choice, but in Torrance, the International Market off Hawthorne and PCH has it, too.  Giving this place 4.5 stars because of the parking. Otherwise, it would be 5.

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