4th Street Market, revisited

The 4th Street Market is located a few blocks from downtown Santa Ana.  For the government employees like me, we get only an hour lunch break.  This location is perfect if you need to meet up with other government employees, who don’t necessarily work at the same agency as yours.

Anna and I met up with a friend from the Auditor -Controller’s office, and we stopped at Sit Low Pho, the sister restaurant of Dos Chinos.  Anna got the Vermicelli Salad (or Bun), while Corey had the Brisket dip.  Anna had some issues with her salad, like the lettuce was too large (should be bite size) and the fish sauce was too citrus tasting for her.  Corey liked his sandwich but thought the broth was a bit weak.

I was torn between Sit Low Pho or Jinny’s Pizzeria, so I decided on both: a slice from Jinny’s and Garlic Butter wings from Sit Low Pho.  The wings were delicious, but I thought they were puny and a bit pricey for the size. If they were meatier, I’d give it a raving 2 thumbs up.  The pizza was excellent, and cheap eats for $4.

After our lunch, Corey treated us to ice cream from Chunk-n-Chip. We decided on not getting the cookie and went just for a scoop of their Matcha Green Tea ice cream.  It hit the spot, especially on such a warm June day.

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