Santa Ana: Kebob Place

My original lunch plan was to try the new Irenia located next to the Rags newspaper stand, but apparently they don’t bother to post on the door they’re NOT open for lunch on Tuesdays.  So we walked around the corner and spied Kebab Place, located across the street from Starbucks.  They advertised their “highly recommended” chicken kebab plate for $11.99.

The place is tiny and narrow. There’s counter seating along the wall, and 4 or 5 tables for 2 or 4 people along the other wall, and a few tables outside.  I wasn’t too happy you have to crane your neck to read the menu posted above the order counter.  Yes, its big but it’s also 10 feet above you.

There’s no “lunch specials” here, or combos like a chicken and a beef plate, or a soup and salad combo. We decided on the recommended Chicken Kebob.  Anna had it with rice only, while I had the rice and salad combo for the same price.

While we waited, we received a basket of hot. freshly grilled pita bread.  We were fortunate that we were the first one there, so our food didn’t take long.  While we were eating, the place got filled up pretty fast.

The only difference between my chicken plate and Anna’s rice only plate is Anna got an extra tomato and no salad, while I got a bowl of salad but heavy on the vinaigrette dressing. Very tart and sour!  If you want a salad, ask for the dressing on the side.


My chicken plate with a canned soda (only a buck, cheaper than a fountain drink) came to $14 and change after tax.  I gave $15 and told them to keep the change.

Overall, not bad.  I’ve had better Persian/ Middle Eastern food. The chicken had good flavor but a bit dry.  The portion is adequate for lunch, but for $12, I’d rather go to Panini Grill at the Main Place Mall for more bang for the buck. I’d come back if I didn’t want to drive my car, as its only 2 blocks from my office.

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