Buena Park: Kitakata Ramen Ban Nai

Kitakata Ramen is a tiny little restaurant with three stationary booths, and 7 – 10 tables which can be converted into 1/2 booths or made into larger tables for a group.There’s also seating at the counter, for about 8 – 10 people, and you can watch them make your food. The restaurant wasn’t too difficult to find. It is located off of Orangethorpe and Beach, in the same plaza as Target. Find the T-Mobile or Wells Fargo bank, and its across the tiny parking lot

We arrived at 7:00 on a Wednesday night. The wait was about 20 minutes and you put your name on the sign in sheet. Everyone must be present, and they give you 2 chances to claim your table. There’s a menu next to the sign in sheet, so you can plan ahead before you sit down.

For our ramen entree, Karen order the Aburi Miso Ramen, which came with 3 pieces of the Toro Chashu, bean sprouts, seaweed, corn, snow peas, bamboo, and green onions for $8.95

I decided to go for the Shoyu soup based ramen, and had the signature Kitakata Ramen, which was a simple ramen with 5 slices of the Toro Chashu, bamboo shoots and green onions for $7.85.  You can order additional toppings, such as egg, more chashu, seaweed, corn, and even extra noodles for a buck.

If you’re into the firm, yellow ramen, you may not be fans of the Kitakta style ramen. It is softer and chewier… It’s like if udon and ramen had a baby. The noodles are not traditional, or not one that you would recognize at a typical Ramen place. There are signs and verbage everywhere, describing their noodles as white, soft, and curly, distinctive to the Kitakata region.

July 6 was also National Fried Chicken day, so we “had” to order the Juicy fried chicken, and ordered it as the appetizer for 3.95… which I felt was a much better deal than the small juicy chicken bowl, which gives you 3 pieces of chicken, rice, and a broth.  The appetizer was 6 really big pieces of chicken, about the size of a chicken drummette, but without the bone.  It was truly juicy and fried.

If the Juicy Fried Chicken wasn’t so yummy, I’d try the Chashu Ramen next time… where you get 12 slices of their sliced pork.  Unfortunately, this little piggy can’t eat that much, so its either one or the other. Dinner for 2 came to just over $22, and we still had 2 pieces of chicken left over. We walked out extremely satisfied, and look forward to another visit.

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