Portland: Nong’s Khao Man Gai food cart

My first stop when I arrived in Portland wasn’t our Bed & Breakfast, but this place! As a fan of SoCal food trucks, it was a must to stop for a bite at Portland’s famous Food carts, and I saw this in a food show, and other foodie friends of mine said it was a must try when I had to pick a food cart.

Nong’s specializes in Thai style Hainan Chicken, which is a poached style of cooking chicken. The chicken is poached, and then the broth used to cook the chicken is also used to cook the rice. The chicken looks pale, and some may say it looks undercooked, but trust me, its tender, moist and melts in your mouth.

Nong’s serves the chicken and rice in butcher paper, and with a dipping sauce. Traditionally the Hainan version is a ginger onion sauce, and / or a dark soy dipping sauce. Nong uses a Thai dipping sauce which I couldn’t put my finger on what the ingredients were, but it worked great with the chicken. In addition, you get a cup of chicken soup with some sort of asian squash. Talk about a complete meal for less than $9.00!

The only thing which kept this from being a 5 star was the chicken wasn’t all that flavorful. It was moist and tender, but it lacked… something. I guess I’ve been eating too many Hainan chicken, and this just didn’t blow me away as I had wanted.

Still, I’m a fan of this food cart.

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