July 2013: Oregon Bound! 

We’re heading up the coast to Oregon, Washington, across the state to Idaho and Montana, before heading back to Washington.  For the first few days, Stephen and I will be traveling with his mom to Portland before dropping her off in Tacoma so she can spend time with her BFF.

We landed in Seattle’s SeaTac aiport before heading to Portland, Oregon. Why Seattle? They have a Sixt rental car location, and last year I won a contest where I got a week’s car rental for free.  To top it off, it’s not just any free car rental, but a premium car like an Audi 6 series car, with unlimited miles.  All I have to do is put gas in the tank.

The trip from Seattle to Portland is about 3 hours.  We stopped at a rest stop along the way, and noticed how green the area was compared to a rest stop in California.

The first destination we went to after crossing the State line was finding Portland’s Food Carts, as they close at 4:00.  We found a parking lot right at the beginning of the Food Cart area, and made our way to find lunch.

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