Bridal Veil, OR: Multnomah Waterfalls 

We drove about a 45 minutes outside Portland to view this famous waterfall. There’s 2 routes to use: the East Historic Columbia River Highway, or on the I-84 is a parking area. We arrived a little bit before 11:00 AM, and found parking along the highway, off exit 35, which was just parallel to the E. Columbia River Highway.

The crowds were forming, but we were still able to get a good shot of the waterfall from the base.  We decided to go up higher and hike the short 0.2 mile trail up to the bridge.  The view from the bridge was wonderful, but there were more people taking pictures and selfies, it was quite difficult to enjoy the waterfall from the higher ground.  Very few people seemed to have manners, and to allow others to take their picture.

This location also has a gift shop, restaurant, and rest rooms. If it weren’t such a popular location, I would have enjoyed it more.


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