Portland: Paul Bunyan statue

img_4900Our first stop after leaving Pine State Biscuits was the Paul Bunyan statue.  This attraction is free. That alone makes this a worthwhile stop. Located at 8433 N Interstate Ave, behind a Wells Fargo bank, and across the street from The Dancing Bare (as in nude) is the monster size lumberjack, Paul Bunyan.

We came on a Thursday around 10:00 AM, and was fortunate that the traffic was very light, and there were no other tourists taking pictures. The statue is huge, just as huge as his celebrity status, and his fabled reputation. I had to cross the street in order to get the entire statue inside my iPhone camera view.

There’s no cost to visit, but finding parking may be a little tricky. I’m a Wells Fargo bank customer, so I did a transaction in order to use the parking lot. It didn’t look like anyone cared whether or not I used a lot.



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