Cannon Beach, OR: Haystack Rock then back to Washington 

Last day in Oregon, and we were going to drive the coast back toward Washington.  We’ll drop off mom to see her BFF and then Stephen and I will head to Spokane for the remainder of our trip.

We picked up our lunch at Edelweiss, and made our way to Cannon Beach to check out Haystack Rock.  It was about a 2 hour drive, and the weather was less than perfect, very dark and grey.  We took the highway 26 and stopped along the way to a vista point, before making it to Cannon Beach.

When we arrived at Cannon Beach, there were no real signs directing us to the beach, or where to view Haystack Rock.  The Rock, however was huge, so I dropped Stephen off at a path leading to the beach, and he gave me these photos:

By the time he finished taking those photos, it started drizzling. We had a hard time finding a rest stop to have lunch, so we ended up eating in the car, after we crossed over to Washington state.  Overall, good thing we did pack a sandwich… it saved us a lot of time trying to find a place to eat.

We made it to Tacoma around 5:45 pm, and dropped off mom.  Next stop… Elbe, WA!