North Bend, WA: Twede’s Cafe (from Twin Peaks)

Fans of Twin Peaks TV show will know this diner as the double R. I don’t know how many people visit here by accident, but we certainly did not. We intentionally drove from Spokane to this diner so Stephen can have a cherry pie and a “damn fine cup of coffee”.

When you first walk in, you’re greeted by bright colors, neon and a tweety bird on the ceiling. We arrived almost 2:00 and found a table in the corner near the restrooms. One of the busboys handed me a menu, and then went searching for silverware. Don’t ask any of the busboys questions about the menu, they’ll tell you to ask your server. The guy specifically said he doesn’t know anything about the food.

Their special posted all over the restaurant do not apply to the Twede’s Cafe, as they were props from the TV show. Meaning there’s no $8.95 burger special.. try $11 and up on the menu. I did have a bit of a sticker shock as I looked through the menu. The prices were a bit higher than an average greasy diner, and probably because of their fame or the fact they’re in the middle of no where North Bend.

It’s a pricey place, the food was just OK, and the portions are more than adequate. It also looks like they recently switched to Pepsi, as the menu has Coke but their fountain dispenser says Pepsi. Bummer for me.

I had the open faced turkey sandwich, which was very good, while Stephen had the German Burger, which was a burger topped with a butterflied German sausage and sauerkraut.

Our server started off a bit abrasive, and probably because she has seen every sort of tourist through those doors. Eventually she did warm up, especially after we ordered the cherry pie and coffee, and chatted with us about the food and diner.

Overall it’s an OK place to have a meal, but most likely you’re coming here because agent Cooper had his, excuse me, really damn fine cup of coffee to go with his cherry pie.

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