Leavenworth, WA: Cured by Visconti

Located 2 hours away from North Bend, off Highway 2 is the the Bavarian town of Leavenworth.  The hills in the background could really make you feel that those were the Alps, and the German music playing in the background gave it a bit of Europe feeling.

The place is German touristy, even down to the maypole they placed in the city center.  Everything has a German look to it, even the signs are written in a Germanic script.  The one and only local Starbucks is not allowed to use the corporate mermaid logo.

Our Bed and Breakfast is located just 5 minutes from the town center. We stopped here to pick up some ingredients for a makeshift charcuterie platter for dinner at Cured by Visconti. Stephen and I came here 2 years ago and stopped here for a sausage stick. It was so tasty we decide to come back on this visit. The sausages are made old school, in-house and by hand. It can’t get any better than that.

It’s a tiny mom-and-pop German deli/sausage place. There’s not a huge variety, but it’s adequate selection of cheese, sausage, and even chopped up sausage and cheese which they sold as the party mix. I ordered about a quarter of a pound of the party mix, and six slices of prosciutto.

We really wanted some bread to go with our charcuterie, but the only thing he had was a full loaf of bread. We ended up getting a pretzel at the Bavarian Haus just down the walkway. The pretzel itself wasn’t extraordinary, but Stephen was amazed at the selection of mustard they carried.

We took home our food (and 5 samples of mustard) and enjoyed it at our Bed and Breakfast.