Skykomish, WA: Deception Falls

Today is our last day! We left Abendblume a little before 10:00 am, and started down Stevens Pass toward Tacoma to pick up mom.  We felt that we had plenty of time to drive around, and maybe even check out Seattle.

About a hour into our drive, we got sidetracked, when I spied a sign that said “Deception Falls”.  When we got out of the car, we heard the water, and figured it would be a quick jaunt to the water falls, take a photo and get back on the road.  Apparently, we got a little more side tracked than that.

We looked at the trail map, and found the marker for the waterfalls.  It was literally near the parking lot.  As we were walking back to the car, I started following another trail, and the view of the water and forest was simply breathtaking.

We found a “better” view of the running water, and a walking trail that led to picturesque bridges and trees.  When we looked at the time, it was close to 12:00, and we had to pick up mom by 2:00, get gas and still make it to the SeaTac airport. Yikes! So much for having “plenty of time” to wander.

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