Leavenworth, WA: Abendblume Inn

Stephen and I stopped in Leavenworth about 2 years ago, and really loved the quaint German feel that this town had.  It truly reminded us of our visit to Germany. For this visit, Stephen wanted to spend more time here, so we decided to spend the night.  There were plenty of hotels in the town, but somehow by luck I stumbled onto Abendblume Inn, and the reviews were glowing beyond praise.

In German, ablenblume means “evening flower”.  This bed and breakfast was simply beautiful as any flower you can imagine  It resembled an Austrian Chalet, and being located in the middle of an open field, you feel that you’re in the Cascade Mountains in the Bavarian Alps. Upon entering the door, you’re greeted by a naturally lit staircase, and a warm greeting.

To the left of the foyer is a sitting room, and to the right the breakfast area, where you can get coffee or tea anytime. Up the stairs and to the right was our room, the Rosengarten, which was one of the more simple of rooms at this B+B.

When we opened the door, we were not expecting such a delightful room. The room had a 4-poster bed, prepared in a traditional Austrian/ German style with individual duvets. In addition, we had a faux fireplace, satellite tv, dvd player (there were dvd’s were in the common area) and a balcony with a wonderful view of the open field.

Our bathroom was very spacious, and had plenty of storage space.  We had a sunken tub with a handheld shower, or you can attach the shower to remain freestanding.  We had plenty of fluffy towels, 2 thick bathrobes, and toiletries from Gilchrist and Soames (the same brand that Caesars Palace uses).  

Our hostess Kristen said to come down at 8:00 for dessert and coffee/tea.  The dessert of the day was a huge apple pie!  Even with all 10 house guests eating a slice, there was still left over pie.

The next day, breakfast was served at 8:30 am, and there was plenty of choices for everyone.  Each table was playfully decorated, and when we sat down we were served hot Aebleskiver, which loosely means fritters, covered in powdered sugar.  We also had a carafe of hot coffee, and a buffet of food from fruit, hard boiled eggs, to sliced German meats to a variety of bread and cereals.

This was such a wonderful place to stay.  One day wasn’t enough, and I can see why this place got 5-star reviews across the board.  The price was reasonable, the accommodation was second to none (even better than some high priced ones we’ve stayed in Napa Valley), and we even got creature comfort things we wanted: quiet retreat, satellite tv, wifi, delicious dessert, and a hearty breakfast.

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