Westminster: Com Gá Nam An

Com Gá Nam An is located in Westminster, in the corner of Brookhurst and Macfadden at a busy outside strip mall, behind a Chase bank.  They specialize in chicken, specifically poached chicken which is similar to Hainan style chicken.  They have their own Vietnamese style, served with the broth cooked rice, but also garnished with onions, cucumber and tomatoes on the side.

I came here for lunch with my coworker Ken.  I was all set to have the chicken and rice, when the chicken pho caught my eye.  I switched to the chicken pho, which they serve the poached chicken on the side.  Ken had the pho as well, but setved with a chicken salad, which is their poached chicken served on top of Vietnamese style salad made of cabbage and other vegetables.

The chicken was tender, and went well with the pho.  While eating my lunch, I saw numerous chicken and rice dishes walking by.  I ended up ordering a box to take home for dinner.  Even hours later, it was still tasty.

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