Anaheim: Puddles Pet Wash

You Dirty Dog!

I was having brunch at Lazy Dog Cafe, and my dog decided to knock over her bowl of water, then sit in the dirty water. Needless to say, she was extremely filthy and needed a bath now.

Fortunately this place is just 10 minutes from Lazy Dog, and they were open on Sunday. They’re located across the street from Anaheim City Hall, next door to FedEx. Parking was a little tricky, as many people park there to go to the nearby Anaheim Packing station. I found a 2 hour spot off the street.


You can DIY or you can drop off your dog and they’ll wash your dog. I chose to wash my own dog. There’s 3 washing stations, and they provide pretty much every thing you need to wash your dog:
– A bathing sink with excellent water pressure
– An apron to keep yourself dry
– Towels, plenty of them!
– Shampoo and conditioner (watered down, but they do the job)
– Scrubby to scrub your pet
– Ear wash pads, cotton balls, comb/ brush
– Air dryer
– Scented spray, so your dog can smell fruity

My dog was under 40 lbs so they charged me $15. I had a lot of fun doing it, and I would recommend this place if you need to wash your dog, and don’t want to break your back trying to use the tub in your house. Plus, you use their water and supplies, which makes it worth while.


Thumbs up!

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