Long Beach: Roasting Water

I’ll admit it. Roasting Water has me hooked. I’m now looking to complete my set of those freaking cute Panda containers. Just 24 hours ago I was at the Roasting Water in Garden Grove. We got tea served in the cutest Panda Exercise drinking container, and we found out there 8 more out there.


After having dinner, we made our way to Roasting Water’s 4th location in Long Beach, off the 605 freeway and Carson, near the Regal Cinema. Like the Garden Grove store, its small and no inside seating. There’s 2 benches, but I think they’re for waiting rather than consuming your drink.

The drinks are made to order, and this time I had the GREEN almond milk tea instead of the black tea, half sugar too. It was still sweet for me. I guess that’s the problem when you’re not used to drinking sugary drinks.. it tasted TOO sweet.  Regardless, its all about those Panda containers.


The location did have 2 different bottles, but only 1 left of the dumb-bell Panda.  So Karen got one and I got one… that’s 2 more collected. Do I go for the other 7 containers?

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