September 2016: Egypt trip

When I started off my Egyptian trip, I was planning to blog my experience. Unfortunately, Egypt’s cellular service is only 2G, which made uploading anything extremely slow.  The Pyramid hotel had terrible wifi, and the cruise ship was not free, so that ruled out blogging as well. Enjoy the recap, as though it was in real time.

So begin as if today is September 26.  My parents, Stephen and I flew out of LAX on Turkish Airlines to Cairo, connecting in Istanbul.  Turkish Airline was ok. The food was not bad, but overall I was disappointed in the service. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t as amazing as people claimed they were.

We arrived in Cairo in the evening, and met our other traveling companion, Dottie from Long Beach. We were greeted by our tour coordinator Abdul who helped us with our Egyptian Visa ($25), then assisted us with our luggage. Later, after passport control (Egyptian customs) we met up with Abdul again who transferred us to our hotel, the Le Meridian Pyramids. The drive from the airport took about 45 minutes.

The hotel is located about a 1/4 of a mile from the Great Pyramids. We were that close! Unfortunately our rooms were on the ground floor, and we didn’t get a view of anything but a brick wall.  No matter, it’s been a long day and its time to call it a night.

Tomorrow, our Egyptian adventure begins!



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