Kushari at Abu Terek in Cairo

Our trip is coming to a close.  We flew out of Luxor and headed back to Cairo.

We were scheduled to stay one night in Cairo, but our flight back to LA was early, and we remembered how bad Cairo traffic was from the museum. My dad asked if we could change our hotel from the Le Meridian Pyramids to somewhere closer to the airport. Our tour company changed us to the Le Passage.

At first, the hotel looked great.  Unfortunately, the hotel allows guests to smoke inside the hotel, even though the rooms are “smoke free” so you can smell the smoke from the hallway. In the big picture, it would have been better to have stayed with the other hotel, and woke up earlier.

The hotel had restaurants on property, but we wanted our last meal in Egypt to be something local. The airport is located about 40 minutes from the city center, so like in Luxor, we decided to hire a car to take us to Abo Terek, a famous Koshari place where even Anthony Bourdain stopped to eat. The hotel arranged for a driver, and for $40 we hired him to take us to the restaurant, wait for us, and then take us back.

The restaurant has multiple levels, so when you walk in, just head upstairs and find a table. We found a table on the 2nd floor, and the menu was pretty simple, there’s 3 types of koshari: small, regular, or “special” which includes extra fried onions and chickpeas.

What is koshari: Kushari, also spelled koshary, kosheri or koshari, is an Egyptian dish made of rice, macaroni and lentils mixed together, topped with a tomato-vinegar sauce; garnished with chickpeas and crispy fried onions. 

We chose the special version for only 20 LE or $2.00. On the table was a jug containing spicier sauce and vinegar. The meal was delicious and we even splurged with rice pudding for dessert. Best of all, it only cost 97 L.E (which is less than $10.00) for 4 people.

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