Luxor: El Hussein Restaurant

We had a day to ourselves in Luxor, so we had our ship’s coordinator to arrange for a car to take us to a local restaurant.  Our guide Saber suggested El Hussein Restaurant, located in a non touristy area of Luxor.

We arrived at 12:00 and was surprised we were the only ones there.  At first I was apprehensive about this choice, but what can we do but hope for the best.

The menu was in English and in Arabic.  Before coming here, I went online to check on reviews.  There’s no Yelp in Egypt but I did find some on Tripadvisor. Many reviews said it was considered “pricey”, the quite honestly I don’t see how. The meals were only $8.50 a plate, which may be pricey in Egyptian standards, but quite reasonable to me.

Stephen ordered Tagen, which is a meat and vegetable stew served in a earthenware pot, while I had the pigeon, stuffed with rice.  The meal was served complete with soup (noodle soup) and salads.

The bread came out, and then the soup and salads.  Before we could finish the starters, the entrees came out.  The meal was excellent, and probably the highlight of the trip. All of this food was $17 for 2 people. With our water and VAT, the total for 2 came to $22 before tip.

We were supposed to get dessert (Oriental sweets as it was mentioned in the menu) but the waiter said they didn’t have any, and offered a banana.  We declined.  If I didn’t mention it, we would not have been offered anything.