Touring Luxor on horse & carriage

After touring Karnak and Luxor temple, we went back to the ship for lunch.  We were offered an optional excursion to tour the city by horse and carriage for $45. We decided to take the tour and at 4:00 we were greeted with a thin looking horse, a carriage, and boy and his father.

Our carriage took us through the streets of Luxor, and then into the bazaar. Not near the bazaar, but literally inside the market, as we rode next to the vendors. Check out the video… Crazy!

After our carriage ride, we ended at a cafe where we relaxed with a glass of karkade (hibiscus tea), at Oum Kolsoum Caffe, supposedly Luxor’s best cafe, before heading back to the ship for dinner.


More about tipping…

Supposedly, the tip is taken care of by the ship, but we felt so bad for the thin horse, we gave an extra $5 to the driver and his son.  Hopefully the horse will get some extra greens in his meal that week.

We were told by our cruise that tipping the crew at the end of the cruise included the ship’s kitchen staff, housekeeping, and any ship’s non executive staff.  They also said our bus driver were included.  Our tour guide (Saber) is a contractor, so he’s not part of the crew.



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