Anaheim Ducks Face-off Fest 2016

Every year the Anaheim Ducks hosts the Face-Off Fest, which is an event for their Season Ticket Holders to meet their favorite Duck players and get a tour of the Honda Center. Typically held midweek at night, this year’s event was held on a Sunday morning. Despite the gloomy weather, and the threat of rain, the fans came out to enjoy the festivities.

In prior years, I would hop from line to line with my friends to gather signatures for them. This year Stephen came with me, so I went to just one player, our goal tender John Gibson to get my jersey autographed. Fortunately at 10:30, the line for Gibby wasn’t too long.

After I got my jersey signed, we headed to the “fun zone” to get our souvenir photo from Fox Sports, where we bumped into Karen, and made our way to the Press Box to get a bird’s eye view of the ice from the broadcasters booth.

Our next stop was the team’s locker room.  Before heading into the locker room, we got to check out the players bench, and see where the team stores the spare sticks to be used on the ice.

We checked out the Anaheim Ducks Foundation table, where they were selling former players items, went to the Team Store, and I got Stephen a Kesler jersey as an early Christmas gift. Overall, not a bad day.

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