Corona Del Mar: Rogers Garden 

It was a lazy Saturday and we just finished a great lunch at the Lawry’s Cavery at South Coast Plaza.  We were only 10 minutes away from Roger’s Garden, so we hopped on the 73 freeway and made our way to my favorite Holiday nursery in Orange County.


Located off MacArthur and San Joaquin Hills Road in Corona Del Mar, Roger’s Gardens is not just a nursery, but a seasonal shop full of things for the home and garden.  My favorite time to visit is when their “Wonderland” section is open.  It’s truly magnificent.

Majority of the shop is pricey (I would even say over priced) but the room is a feast for the eyes.  Even in the 80-degree California heat, I was already getting giddy for the coming of the Christmas holiday.  The photos won’t do this place justice, but here’s a tour of the various Wonderland rooms for this year.

To make way for Thanksgiving and Christmas, they were having a clearance on their Halloween items.

And, of course you can get things for your home and garden.