Cypress: Grandma’s Chicken House

Grandma’s Chicken House is a small, hole-in-the-wall chicken joint located on the border of Buena Park and Cypress.  It’s pretty hidden, and if you drive too fast, you’ll miss it.  The marquee has seen better days, and even the parking lot could use some new paint.


If you can look past the dilapidated building, and the fact its located next to a dive bar, stop in for some really good broasted chicken (it’s broasted, even though the “B” faded off the marquee).

The place is cash only, and there’s a handful of booths to dine in.  The food takes at least 15 minutes, regardless of what you order.  I called in my order ahead of time, and had 3 pieces of chicken (breast, wing and leg), and some broasted potatoes, no salad.  With a canned drink, it came to $8 and change.

The food was almost ready when I arrived, and it was piping hot when I sat down.  It was worth the wait, and even worth braving this sketchy part of town.  Thumbs up to Grandma’s Chicken House, even though I have never seen “Grandma” work the counter in the years I’ve been coming here.