Las Vegas: Cafe Berlin 

When we visit Las Vegas, I try to bring Stephen’s mom with us so she could have a little vacation as well.  We also try to find places away from the Strip, and eat like the locals do.  Last time we found a quaint German place for lunch, and she fell in love with the food and wanted to come back for dinner.

On the web site, it suggested to make reservations, which I did.  Apparently, they don’t really hold a table, as we got squeezed in when we arrived at 6:30 pm.

Yelp had a check in offer for 10% off for 2 people.  Apparently if you bring 3 people, they won’t consider it, because its only for couples.  I was a bit upset at that, as Stephen’s mom didn’t even order entrees, but a starter and a soup. Hardly a meal.

The food is made to order, and in the order it was taken.  We waited for about 45 minutes for our food. While waiting, we noticed the restaurant redecorated since our last visit.  No more red table cloths, or tacky banners on the wall.  They added new lighting fixtures on the wall, painted an accent wall, and removed the patio type furniture.  A much better look to the place.

I wish they could give bread or some pretzels to snack on while waiting. Instead, Stephen is drinking a beer on an empty stomach, and I am filling up on soda. I understand they want you to order a starter, but even that is made to order.

At last our order came.  Stephen ordered the  Wurst Platter, which was 3 types of German sausages over sauerkraut.  I had the Jager Schnitzel, a breaded pork, served with Spatzel, a noodle type dumpling.  Stephen’s mom had a light meal of Potato Pancakes and a cup of Potato leak soup, so she could save room for dessert.

Everything was delicious. No complaints there.  The dessert was even better as we ordered an apple and cherry strudel.  Stephen’s mom ate her strudel by herself, while Stephen and I shared one.