Ruby Princess: Day 6 – Whale Watching in Cabo San Lucas

Our final port of the cruise, Cabo San Lucas.  This sleepy little port is known for their water sports like snorkeling, fishing, and scuba diving.  Without a tour, you can easily walk the town in a few hours.  On one side is their local shops from ceramic goods to t-shirts to pharmaceutical items.  If you walk 1/2 mile to the right, you can go where the locals go, and even find a Starbucks and Walmart.


We chose to go Whale Watching, also booked with Shore Excursions, and had to get on shore by 8:45 for our tour.  The harbor is too shallow for a cruise ship to dock, so to get to Cabo San Lucas, you have to take a tender (or small boat). So from our ship, you board a tiny boat, which brings you to shore. From the dock, we made our way to Esperanza Tour window.  We waited for the rest of our group and made our way to our boat.

The last time we went whale watching, we were in Alaska.  The Alaskan boat was also a big boat, easily a 50-100 passenger boat. This time, we had only 7 in our group, so imagine our surprise when we saw our boat in Cabo!

Our tour guide was Cesar, and along with our driver Jesus, they sailed for about 15 minutes out into the ocean in search for whales.  We caught up with a handful of other tour companies, and spotted our first whale.

It wasn’t much of a sighting, so we took off to other parts of the ocean, only to circle back.  About an hour later, we spotted 2 whales chasing a sea lion.  Our patience paid off, and our whale watching quest was a success.

Heading back to the dock, the driver drove us up close to the Arch.  We also pulled up close to Sea Lions sunbathing on rocks.

Our tour ended around 11:00 am, so we were out at sea for 2 hours.  The Ruby Princess was not staying long at this port, and was going to set sail at 2:30. They asked us to be on the tender by 1:15 and so we decided to just head back early at 11:30 to beat the crowd for lunch. It ended up being a good thing. While standing on my balcony, my neighbor said the line to get back on the ship at noon wrapped around the pier.