Ruby Princess – Day 7 at sea

Our last day on the cruise, as we set sail back to the Port of Los Angeles.  Some cruises will give you a tour of the Bridge or the Galley (the kitchen).  The Ruby Princess had a tour of the Galley, and I made sure to get to the Princess Theater for a spot.

They start off with an introduction of the Head Chef and the Maiter ‘D. The Chef will do a few cooking demonstrations. Then they bring out the Pastry Chef to show the audience how to make a Chocolate Cake.

Directly after the demonstration, they direct you to the Galley for a quick tour of the kitchen.  At the exit, the Chef will be at a table to sign a Princess Cruise cookbook, if you want to cook the dishes at home.

As we were leaving the dining room, we spotted the menu for the formal lunch at 12:00. On the cruise, we tried the buffet and the casual food, and have not tried the formal lunch. So we went back at noon and had a delightful meal.

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