Gardena: El Taco Box, a pop up taco place 

My coworker said his friend is having a pop up taco place in Gardena, and gave me the address.  Located off 180th and Western, in an industrial printing warehouse was this little one day only pop-up taco place nicknamed “El Taco Box”.  We arrived at 5:00 on a Saturday, and the place was already busy and the line was trickling out the door.

The menu was limited, but each taco entrée came with 2 tacos (of the same kind) with chips and salsa for $6.  We ordered the OG taco, which is basically a cheeseburger inside a taco, and we also ordered the crispy beef, which is a deep fried taco with shredded beef inside.

We should have ordered the tacos separately, because they placed all 4 tacos into 1 box, and so we only got 1 serving of chips and salsa.  I also ordered a medium size guacamole sauce, which was surprisingly good.  We could have easily eaten more chips, but we really didn’t need to overindulge. Overall, not bad for a pop-up place.  Good luck to El Taco Box.