Orange: Anepalco for brunch 

Following the Ducks Select-a-Seat, the group of us went to Anepalco’s for brunch. They must have changed the menu because it seems more condensed, and a bit pricier.

Stephen and I split the signature dish, their chilaquiles, and added carnitas to it.  Sandy had the perdidos, which is a dish with duck, bacon, roasted potatoes, covered in a chipotle tomato sauce, topped with a poached egg.

Anita had the Taco de Salpicon, a hanger stead, eggs, salsa, and crema which you build your own taco.  Karen had the veggie omelette made of egg whites and vegetables, while Wally had the Nortena omelette made with short ribs.

The service was very good, and the food was excellent.  Lunch for 6 of us came to $73.81 before tip, which was not bad at all.

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