Anaheim: Bruery Terreux (@BrueryTerreuxTR @BrueryTerreux)

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon, and we met up with my foodie friend Shelley for drinks at the Bruery.  After a few flights, she suggested checking out their sister location, the Bruery Terreux, which specializes in sour beers.

The first thing I noticed was the aisle and aisle of barrels stacked up to the ceiling. The Bruery ages their beers in barrels, and this is where they store some of them.  Impressive! The list of beers they had on tap was different than the Bruery, so Stephen and Shelley narrowed down a selection of 2 flights.

Most of the beers were too sour for me, but I did end up trying one I liked called “Rice and Beans” which was made by the Bruery, and it was not a sour. Overall a great day with a friend we have not seen in a long time.