Las Vegas: Brooklyn Bowl 

It’s been about 2 years since I was last at Brooklyn Bowl.  The last few times I tried going, they had a private party and canceled my reservations.  I had given up going here but I gave this place one more try on this visit.  Hurrah! I got in!

The place is actually a music venue and an upscale bowling place. They do have a bar and a restaurant, but they focus more on their music scene.  For this visit, they closed their restaurant side of the place, and had diners go to the bar to eat.  The bar area is small, and I had to wait for a lower table. It wasn’t really the fault of the staff, as they claim diners took over 2 hours to eat, hogging up the tables.

The menu is simple, and has everything from burgers to sandwiches, but their signature item is their matzo fried chicken. The chicken, however, isn’t cheap, but so darn good!  Stephen and I shared a 1/2 chicken dinner (mixed portion with mashed potatoes and collard greens) and an order of their Rock. And Roll, Fries which is similar to poutine, where the fries are mixed with cheese and topped with hot gravy.

The food didn’t look like a lot, but we barely finished the 2 items.  We left so full! I forgot how delicious the fried chicken was, and it was worth the 2 year wait.  I will definitely come back again.