Jean,NV: Seven Magic Mountains (#7MagicMountains)

While driving from Southern California to / from Las Vegas, you’ll see this neon colorful rock formation standing in the distance just as you past or approach Jean, NV. This rock formation is an art exhibit by Ugo Rondinone that’s open until May 2018.

Is it worth it to stop? Some may say no, but if you’re into ginormous boulders that are spray painted neon colors, standing in the middle of the desert… check it out! Hey, it’s free and there’s even parking. Note: There is no shade. It can get hot, even at 80-degrees.


  • Do not park on the street. There’s a designated parking lot.
    – There’s no pavement and you’ll be walking in sand/ dirt.
    – Your shoes will get dusty and dirty, and you will track the dirt back into the car.

To head back to Vegas, turn RIGHT and continue on until you’ll see the freeway entrance on the left.

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