Las Vegas: Paris Hotel & Casino (@ParisVegas)

It’s another Vegas trip, and this time my stay is back at the Paris Hotel and Casino.  I try to stick with the Caesar’s Entertainment properties now that most of the hotels on the Strip charge for parking. Since I am Platinum status, I can get free rooms and also valet parking for free, saving me at least $13 a day.


The last time I stayed at Paris was about 2 or 3 years ago, and I had a bad experience with the front desk I haven’t been back.  They acted like they were doing me a favor.  So, as I checked in on this visit, I was very apprehensive about how I was going to be treated.  This visit was still “just ok” as the check in woman wasn’t going out of her way to assist me with a room of my choice.  After an animated conversation of getting the room I wanted, I was able to finagle a “Burgundy” room (recently renovated) on the 20th floor.  It wasn’t the best view but at least it was clean and quiet.

The newly renovated Burgundy rooms are most likely the lower floor rooms that don’t have a nice view.  Still, it beats their “Red Rooms” that are older, despite having a view compared to the Burgundy.

If you’re looking for a property that’s in a good location, this is a good hotel.  They have plenty of amenities and a good “loyalty” program.  It’s not the most glamorous hotel on the Strip, but now that they’re renovated these Burgundy rooms, I’ll stay here again.

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