Orange, CA: El Torito

It’s Tuesday, so it’s Taco Tuesday and Happy Hour at El Torito at the Outlets of Orange, which is available only in the cantina from 3:00-9:00.


The taco Tuesday was a decent deal. For $2.99 per taco, you order with the cantina waitress and she gives you a ticket to go to the taco bar. There’s a variety of meat to choose from, such as chicken, carne asada (beef), and a variety of pork like carnitas, al pastor, and some sort of adobo (?) one… I am not sure what the lady said, but I tried that one, plus the asada.  In addition, there’s a decent salsa bar with grilled onions, a variety of salsas/ pico de gallo, pickled veggies, cheese, and the onion/ cilantro mix. You can also get frijoles, sweet corn and potatoes with your tacos. Easily a cheap eats meal.

We also added an order of the Happy Hour zucchini, which was a generous portion for $4.  The waitress at the cantina was either overwhelmed or paid attention to just certain tables. It took a while to get her attention, to get our drinks, and even to get the check to pay. Maybe it’s happy hour, and you’re supposed to chill after work, but when the waitress is MIA, it gets frustrating. So, -1 for the lack of attentiveness from this staff.  Otherwise, with 2 sodas, our 4 tacos and zucchini for Taco Tuesday Happy Hour came to $26 before tip.