Sept 2017: LAX –> Edinburgh

Vacation time!! This time it’s going to Edinburgh, Scotland to visit friends (and taste some whiskey!) and then to London.  This is Stephen’s first time visiting the UK (aside from a layover in the airport) and the last time I was in London was back in 2011.

We flew British Airway’s Premium Economy, which provided more legroom, more reclined seats, and plenty of drink options.  Even our food was served on proper plates, not in a plastic box. It was a really lovely flight, until we made it to Heathrow.

My 6:30 flight from Heathrow to Edinburgh was canceled so BA booked me on the 9:30 pm flight.  My friend Yvonne said not to worry, they’ll come and get us regardless.  The flight got delayed to 10:30 pm, and by then, even the waiting area in Heathrow was empty.  We finally made it to Edinburgh after midnight, and I felt so bad for my friends, who had to drive us to our hotel in Dundee, located half hour away from Edinburgh.

By the time we got to our hotel, it was almost 2:00 am.  Greetings from Scotland!

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