Edinburgh, Scotland: AirBnb

Typically when I travel, I like to stay in boutique hotels.  Lately, I’ve been noticing my friends taking advantage of AirBnb’s, so I made my first reservation in Edinburgh.  The other AirBnb was booked by Yvonne, and it was her first experience, too.  We both liked the affordable price, and the fact you get a kitchen, living room, and more for the price of a hotel.  The downside, of course, is no housekeeping service.

My AirBnb in Edinburgh was located at 1/2 Lady Wynd (pronounced like you wind your watch) in near the Greenmarket Street, with a variety of bars and restaurants.  The view from our front door was amazing… we were below the Edinburgh Castle.


Our host, Eleanor was so understanding and delightful.  We weren’t sure when we’d arrive, as I did explain we were coming from the Highlands.  We first targeted 5:00, but that didn’t work out, and by the time we got there it was close to 7:00 pm.  She showed us the apartment which was a one bedroom, with a full kitchen, full bath and in the living room was a pull out sofa, tv, and fast wifi.

We took advantage of the washer and dryer (she provided detergent!) and the fast wifi.  The only down side of the rental was the host allowed smoking.  I had a dreadful night sleeping because the smoke was inside the carpet, and the heater basically drew out the smoke even more.  Eleanor had fragrance plug in’s though out the hall, and I moved them to the bedroom to mask the smoke smell.  Aside from the smoke, and lack of circulation, the location was fantastic, and the size was perfect for 2 people.

Tomorrow, we have the Edinburgh’s Castle to visit, and I hope we won’t get lost (especially since we are located below it.. literally!)