Dean’s of Huntly

When you think of Scottish shortbread, most people will think of Walkers.  You see that plaid package everywhere, in the supermarket, at the airport, and when we were at the AirBnb we passed by the factory.  Yvonne suggested we visit Dean’s of Huntly, which she thought had a much better product.  Really? Let’s go!


Dean’s is located in well, Huntly.  It’s not an actual factory, but you can observe them make and package their shortbread.  There’s a gift store, which sells their imperfect shortbread, and they even have a café for a quick bite (before 2:00) or for a cup of tea.  We arrived just in time for a light lunch, which Steve, Stephen and I had the fish n chips, while Yvonne had the Macaroni and Cheese, which look oh so gooey and delicious.  For a touristy café, the food was very good, and best of all, affordable!

After lunch we went upstairs to observe the packaging of the shortbread, and then went to the giftstore to buy shortbread to take home.  They had the discards / imperfect ones on sale, for as low as one pound, versus the retail price of 4 pounds in the market.

We left with a few tins of shortbread (ok, count 10 tins), and then made our way back toward Dundee to collect our large suitcase (we left at Steve’s office) and to our AirBnb in Edinburgh.

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