London: Sky Garden (@SG_SkyGarden)

The Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street (also nicknamed the “walkie talkie”) is a unique public space on the 35th floor, and offers a 360 degree uninterrupted views across the City of London. Best of all, you can visit for free, but you need to book your reservations at least 3 weeks prior.


Like any of London’s popular places, there’s a security check before letting you go upstairs.  I read reviews that the staff was supposed to check ID but for some reason they just scanned my ticket, and let us in.  Once inside, you walk into a very high, 3-storey atrium.

It was starting to drizzle, so we sat at a table near the window. I had cup of tea, while Stephen had a beer.  The observation deck is outside, and you’re facing the River Thames, the Shard, and the Queen’s Walk that I was at.  The other view of the city is not outdoors, but can be viewed along the inside perimeter of the building.

And, if you go upstairs, you can get a higher view of the River Thames. Even though it was overcast, the view was still spectacular, and the price really can’t be beat! Worth a trip to check out.


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