Las Vegas: Elton John, the million dollar piano 

I was fortunate to get these tickets for free as I am a Platinum holder for the Total Reward program. I wasn’t sure what sort of seats I’d get for free, but I scored Rear Orchestra, door 5, row N, and they were excellent!

Elton started the show almost on time, and walked on the stage in a dramatic flair. The piano was on the left side of the stage and he basically camped there the whole night. So if you’re looking to get good seats, stay on the left side of the stage. We were allowed to take photos, but no flash or video.

Tip for iPhone users: if you have Portrait Mode on your camera, set it to Stage Lighting. You’ll get perfect shots!  I didn’t discover this until halfway though the show.

The show ended at 9:30 with no encore. It was a straight 2 hour show, no intermission and Elton rocked it,even with a mild cold (which he said the kids gave to him).

I wouldn’t sit too close to the stage, as many of the Fans stood during the show. So unless you’re planning to stand and rock it for 50% of the show, I’d stay back at least 10-15 rows. It’s a 5 stars for this show… and I am not even an Elton fan.

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