Disney California Adventure; Festival of Holidays

Happy Holidays from the Happiest Place on Earth.  Both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure (DCA) are decked out with the holiday spirit, with characters dressed up in their Christmas garb, and while walking down the main street, you’re greeted by a tall tree decorated with ginormous ornaments. Just down the walkway is the Festival of Holidays, featuring booths serving themed food and beverages.


The Festival will be going on until January 7, 2018, and there’s a variety of little booths serving up themed, tasting size sweet and savory items, and some paired with alcohol.  Annual Passholders can take advantage of a Sip and Savor pass, which consists of 8 tabs for $45, and can be used (tax free) for any food or non alcoholic item. You must show ID when using a tab, to prove you are the passholder. The pass is a good deal for anything over $5.50, and many items were priced over $5.00.

We went with some friends on a Sunday and tried out a few of the items.  As mentioned, the tabs really came in handy for the higher priced items but overall, nothing really gave us a “wow” factor in terms of going back for seconds.  Everything item shown was over $5.00.

We still had some remaining tabs, which we will use before they expire on January 7th.  It’s a nice way to try different food, without over indulging.