Las Vegas: Neon Boneyard museum (@NeonMuseum)

Las Vegas isn’t a very old city. It was founded in 1905 but has a lot of history, and this place has the signature part of Sin City, the neon lights!  The Neon Boneyard is located about 10 minutes outside the downtown area, tucked between the industrial and residential part of town.  Tickets range from $15-$28, depending if you want the day or late night tour.   There’s a free parking lot across the street, and a gift shop.


I’ve been wanting to do this tour for the longest time, but the reviews say that it’s unbearably hot in the summer.  Or, when I realize I am going to Las Vegas, all the tours are sold out.  Finally, for this last visit, I was able to get the 7:00 night tour on a Friday, and the weather was nice and cool.

Our tour guide Zoe was fantastic, patient and projected her voice well.  She added plenty of humor, and kept the herd together, even the late birds who showed up 15 minutes late.

The “boneyard” isn’t very big.  It’s about the size of a fast food parking lot, and even though the tour took an hour, it was more of a walk, pause, talk tour.

I was anxious if Stephen’s mom could do the tour, as she can’t walk very fast. There was absolutely no issues with it, as the entire tour was probably 1/2 a mile worth of walking, and in a loop.At the end of the tour, we got a few moments to take any last minute photos, but we couldn’t back track to the inside of the museum.

Was it worth the $20-something dollars? It really depends if you’re into the history of Vegas.  I grew up coming to Sin City, and remembered vividly the neon lights, so for me I say yes.  Some of my friends thought it was a waste, but it definitely is touristy, and worth at least one visit.