Las Vegas: Viet Noodle Bar

Las Vegas has plenty of food to offer. You can find almost anything you want, on and off the Strip.  We try to get away from the Strip and eat where the locals eat.  About 10 minutes from the Strip, off Spring Mountain Road is their Asia town.  You can find every Asian cuisine, from Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, and Vietnamese.

Tucked in a small strip mall is one Vietnamese restaurant that had late (or early!) hours, open from 9:00 am to 6:00 am (I guess they need to sleep some time).  Their menu has a little bit of everything from the traditional pho, to bun (vermicelli noodles) to fried noodles to rice dishes.


It was a cool December night, and a bowl of hot noodles was what we wanted.  We checked on Yelp and this place came up as having Oxtail Pho at $12.99, a bit pricier than back home but then again… this is Las Vegas, not Little Saigon.


For the price, you got 2 large and 2 small oxtails, but a big bowl of pho noodles.  The oxtails were “Just ok”.  Not very tender and I felt like a little puppy gnawing on my meat.  It could have been simmered a little longer for it to “fall off the bone”.

However, 2 people could share the bowl of noodles and then add side dishes to accompany.  I did end up splitting my bowl with Stephen’s mom (she eats very little) and ordered an appetizer plate of their chicken wings, which has a nice kick to it… great in the pho, too!  Dinner for 3 came to under $40 with tip, which makes this a very affordable place in Las Vegas!

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