Montréal: Exploring downtown

Good morning! It’s the official first day of the Ducks Road Crew trip.

We started off our morning by taking a walk in very brisk, chilly weather to a café I found on yelp: Universel.  The staff was not the friendliest, and the food was just ok.  At least we got fuel in our bodies to tackle the day!

What to do… what to do, now that we are nice and full?

We decided to head back toward the hotel, and visit the Bell Centre’s team store, before it got too busy on game day. The walk back was still cold, as the wind picked up.  We heard there was an underground walkway, but had no idea where to find it. Little did we know, we were… well, right above it.

After our trip to the Team Store, we went back to the hotel and asked where this “underground” walkway was.  The concierge gave me a map, and we made our way to find the Roots Canada store.  The walkway went on for miles and miles, and you could find anything from clothing store, convenience market, eateries, florists, and even a dry cleaner! Eventually we did find the Roots Canada store, and then walked back to the hotel in the cold, because it was faster to take Rue Peel than back underground.

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