Montréal: Pub McLean’s

img_1563Pub McLean’s is located about 2 blocks our downtown Montreal hotel. While in flight from Los Angeles, I messaged the owner via Yelp and asked if we could make a reservations to watch the Ducks vs. Senators game at 7:00.  No problem.

When we arrived, the assistant manager greeted us, but with some bad news. Unfortunately this game was blocked out by Rogers TV.  If the Canadiens are on TV, other games are considered out of market.

A bit disappointed, we still said we have to eat, and they showed us to a private area in the back upstairs part of the restaurant.  I was able to stream the game on my phone, and fortunately it was a scoreless game until the end.  Former Ducks Bobby Ryan scored against us, and then we tied it, only to lose in overtime.  Meanwhile, we had good company and delicious food. Stephen and I split an order of poutine, topped with the famous Montreal smoked meat, and a huge order of samosas.