Plane.. train.. now automobile! Onward to Buffalo!

We traveled by Plane, then Train.. and now automobile.  This part of the trip is not part of the Road Crew.  Twenty five fans traveled independently with me by bus to Buffalo to catch the 7:00 game against the Sabres.  I hired a 56 passenger bus by Coach Canada, and our driver Gus was right on time.  We pushed off around 9:30 and made great time, reaching the Peace Bridge (Canada/ US Border) around 11:00.

There was no one at the border, and Gus told the border patrol agent who he was, how many people, and our purpose. Then we were told to park the bus, and disembark to get processed.

The agent asked me a few questions, such as my purpose in Canada, how long was I there, etc.  The process was so quick, I think it took about 15 minutes to process the entire group, and we got to Buffalo by 11:30. Time to find some lunch before the game!

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