Buffalo, NY: Ted’s Hot Dogs (@TedsHotDogs)

When in Buffalo, you should try the famous “Buffalo” wings at the famous Anchor Bar, right? We normally would, but with the weather outside being snowy (and freezing) plus we had a game in a few hours, we decided to try the “next” thing Buffalo was known for… hot dogs?  I yelped a place, and Ted’s Hot Dogs came up as being 700 feet from my hotel, which isn’t too far for us thin blooded Californians to brave to get a bite to eat.

Ted’s doesn’t serve just hot dogs, but also burgers, sandwiches, mac n cheese, and chili… or you can make yourself a hot dog with cheese, mac n cheese, chili, and a bunch of other toppings.

It was our first time, so the order taker said to try the bacon and cheese, or the chili and cheese.  I chose the first one, as a foot-long dog, and Stephen also had the bacon and cheese, and a chili with onion, but as a regular dog.  We also added their 1/2 onion rings, 1/2 fries combo.

My friends tried other Ted’s combinations, and since we ordered a ton of food, the restaurant gave us coupons to come back (which we gave to our hotel valet). I really did like the hot dogs, and they were inexpensive and yummy.

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