Toronto: DK (Doc) Seaman Hockey Resource Centre #HHOF

We only have 1 day in this city and the Ducks packed a full day for us, starting at 7:30 am.  When we checked in yesterday, in our packet was a $35 gift card for Tim Horton’s, or Timmy’s as its more fondly named, where we would use that to get ourselves breakfast and lunch.

img_1830There was a Timmy’s located in the adjacent building next to our hotel, and they were opened at 6:30 am. We grabbed a breakfast wrap (and also added a donut for Stephen) before catching our early bus to DK (Doc) Seaman Hockey Resource Centre, located about 1/2 hour outside Toronto.

This center is not opened to the public. Inside, this resource center houses thousands of hockey memorabilia, all donated from hockey teams, players and private individuals.  Our group was divided into 2 and our guide was Mario.  He first led us through the offices, and into an area which held 1000’s of sticks from the NHL, special events, to individuals such as Wayne Gretzky.

The freezer room had memorabilia from jerseys, pucks, and gear from all sorts of players.  Mario showed us Chicago Blackhawk’s player Stan Makita’s jersey, and explained to us why they freeze things.

During the short time we were there, we saw the Korbel “champagne” bottle used when the Ducks won the Stanley Cup in 2007, and other game worn equipment from the Ducks.

Mario showed us the oldest professional hockey stick dating back to 1903-04.

There was a hockey sweater worn by a Canadian army soldier back in World War II, and Wayne Gretzky has an aisle of memorabilia just for himself.

At the end of the tour, the Road Crew gifted Ducks items such as game worn jerseys and a puck for milestones made by Perry and Kesler, a patch from the Hockey Hall of Fame the year Paul Kariya and Teemu Selanne were inducted, and the pucks used for the HHOF game.

Back on the bus… it’s time to go to our next stop: The Air Canada Centre to watch the Ducks morning skate.

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